Good Morning!

I say good morning because I feel like I am waking up after a long time dormant as a blogger.  This is my welcome back post! The blog gets its name from my favourite Dan Mangan song, Et Les Mots Croisés, which I think is a good, simple outlook on life:

All broke all beat, all twisted feet

And so on, and so forth

So don’t steal don’t lie, just tie your tie

And go on, and go forth

I started this blog because the Hubby and I will soon be embarking on a cross-Canada adventure for a few years. We will be moving first to Montreal, then potentially to Halifax and Ottawa, all over the course of about 18 months. I am also undergoing the arduous process of immigration to Canada. So you will hear a lot about those two things. You will also probably hear a lot about The Dahg (said like Brad Pitt in Snatch), who is the gooniest dog in the world.

There will also be posts on music, which I like to treat like literature; and history, which I am a huge nerd about. I also work in the sexual health field as well, so you will see some posts on sexual health politics and news. I cook, and just got some fancy new gadgets for our wedding in July – recipes will be generally gluten-free, and a lot will be vegetarian.  I love planning trips, but I have scarce funds, so I will probably post a few wishful-travels itineraries. And then there will be pretty things. Lots of other pretty things.

So welcome!



Any thoughts?

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