Cross-Canada Trip: Leg 2 Preview

The Hubby and I are embarking on a 2 week long Vancouver to Montreal trip in September, so we’ve started the early stages of planning. I’ll be doing some posts with research on the different legs of the trip. Today’s installment talks about Leg 2 from Edmonton to Regina.

The Last Saskatchewan Pirate was apparently Finnish!

The Edmonton to Alberta leg of the trip is sort of the beginning of uncharted scenic territories.  We have seen things that are pretty flat before.  Namely the steppe of Wyoming along I-80 on our USA road trip last year. But from what I’ve heard, the Prairies are like Wyoming, but, you know, not ugly.

We’ll be staying a day in Edmonton to take a tour with our friend Sarah. She’s just moved to Edmonton, and is a keen nature-lover and cake-lover.  She always finds neat, quaint things to do in any place she’s in.  She’s stoked to show off Edmonton, and convinced us to come through there instead of Calgary. When I explain that I’m excited to see the sites of Edmonton to anyone else, I get a look that says “Sure, good luck with that”. But I am excited to see her version of Edmonton, and so I am planning no part of our day there.

We go from Edmonton to Regina, where we will hopefully be able to stay with family friends. The trip takes about 9.5 hours, but we’ll probably do it in one trip. I was wondering about places to camp, and when Google-mapping, I saw that right on the way was the Mark Twain National Forest. I know Mark Twain was an adventurer and traveler, but I thought it was odd that his forest was located in Saskatchewan. Apparently this is a giant Google Maps error. But I’ll let you know when we pass through 🙂

On the way to Regina, we plan on detouring to Moosejaw to catch site of a giant ship in the middle of the Prairies! I like to think it’s the memorial to the Last Saskatchewan Pirate, who it turns out is Finnish! Okay, so he wasn’t really a pirate, and he never made a successful voyage, but he did abandon his wife in search of “treasure”, then attempt to kidnap his own son, then steel away on a voyage back home to Finland with his HOMEMADE VIOLIN, and THEN go crazy and build his own steam ship to sail down the flooded Prairies. Cool Fuckin’ Dude!

If possible, in either Edmonton, Regina, or Winnipeg, we want to catch the boys from We Are The City play a show or two.  Our trip happens to line up perfectly with their tour!


One Comment to “Cross-Canada Trip: Leg 2 Preview”

  1. Edmonton will be great! I think you’ll enjoy it. The drive to Edmonton from Jasper is mundane, at best, but Edmonton onwards through Saskatchewan is much nicer from the north down.

    Do you know when you’ll arrive? If you’re here on the 14th, there’s a film festival I think you’d enjoy:
    (the videclip captures it the best, I think)

    But, regardless of when you’re here, I will find awesomeness!

    And – if you’re looking for a place to stay between Regina and Winnipeg, Spruce Woods Provincial Park is really nice. It was formerly the beach part of the ancient prairie-wide lake, so there’s all these sanddunes, covered in sunflowers.

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