Squamish: the cities alone in the hills


The Dahg admiring the local foliage

The Dahg and I went up to Squamish today to hike around Alice Lake. Of the places I will miss in BC, Squamish is high high high on the list. We usually make it up at least 5 times in a summer for rock climbing. This summer, because of the weather, the wedding, and preparing to move, we’ve only been up once for Live at Squamish. After taking a spur-of-the-moment day-trip to Whistler last Friday, I decided to take a similar day-trip to Squamish today.

We hiked the Four Lakes Trail, which is about 5 km and takes about 1.5 hours, provided you stay on trail! You can also be like me, and accidentally wander onto the gravel road bike trail, and add another 2 km or so to your route.

The four lakes you hike around are Alice Lake, Edith Lake, Fawn Lake, and Stump Lake. I ended up missing the trail that goes down to Fawn Lake because of my “detour”. The other three lakes were lovely.

The Dahg and I stopped to have a trail-mix-and-fruit snack at Stump Lake, where there was a little dirt ledge to sit on. Of course, he jumped right into the water and did a few laps. His natural next course of action was jumping up on the ledge and shaking right next to me! Jerk!

After the hike, it felt too early to go straight home. I decided to explore the lay of the land in Brackendale, a community at the north end of Squamish. I tooled around Government Road, driving around the neighbourhood, and then tooling along the bike route into “downtown”.

Look forward to a future relocation to Squamish/Brakendale. The bike route I drove along had little restaurants along it, then it wound along the river, and ends by the heritage railway. I have always had a good feeling about Squamish, and today’s trip just solidified my love for the area!

Sunday’s trip will be my last good bye to Squamish. Luckily I know a few areas around Montreal that can serve as my rural outdoor getaway. But I will still miss Squamish!



Sleepy sleepy dahg


Any thoughts?

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