When the Hubby and I got engaged last November, one of my goals for wedding planning was to lose some of this pesky 30 lbs that had been sticking around since 2006. I gained the weight quickly, and it was caused by some birth control that my body didn’t react well to, in combination with poor eating habits, and lack of exercise.

At my heaviest, I was 175 lbs. I lost 5 of that by trying out the Sonoma Diet, but couldn’t afford to keep it up, and didn’t see results after the first 5. I lost another 10 training to run my first 5K, after discovering a gluten allergy that caused exercise induced anaphylaxis.

During wedding planning, I put myself on a strict, no-gluten diet. I also started getting stress-and-hormone-induced migraines, which I eventually traced to high fructose corn syrup. Cutting those two ingredients made it a lot more difficult to eat out, and even buying frozen and pre-made meals was a challenge. Suddenly, 90% of my food had to be the healthiest kind you could eat. I dropped 15 lbs, putting me at my realistic-wedding-goal of 150. And there I have plained out.

The goal for the next few months is to get down to my “fighting weight”, which is somewhere between 140 and 145. Much lower than 140 and I get too thin and frail. But now that I’m within 10 lbs of that, I know I will have to work harder to get there. The last 10 take the most dedication!

My plan is to continue on the strict no-gluten-no-corn-syrup diet, plus add in as much fitness as I can. Different types of fitness, even if it’s just something that works up a sweat and causes a little muscle burn.

This past weekend I demonstrated pretty great fitness. On Friday, I hiked in Squamish, went for a bike ride, and did some bouldering. On Saturday, I had a pretty lazy day, but walked from the Trap and Gill by BC Place to my home at 7th and Fraser (via Lucy’s at 11th and Main). On Sunday, hiking and climbing again in Squamish, and Monday, I went to Wreck Beach and thus did those formidable stairs.

Today I began a 13-week Couch to 10K training program. I will be doing run-walks 3 days a week that take roughly 1 hour. I know once we move some of this running will have to take place indoors, but it’s something to keep me motivated! I would also like to take some horseback riding lessons in the Spring, and play volleyball this winter. Plus we’ve already found the climbing gyms in Montreal πŸ™‚

One thing that will make this level of fitness more possible is having one of us not working a 9-5. The Dahg will have more company during the day, which means taking a class in the evening isn’t so tough on him. And the Hubby is looking forward to working on “west coast time” and getting up early to do some fitness before he checks in with the office. He’s also looking forward to being able to work in his PJs πŸ™‚


Any thoughts?

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