Moving is chaos!


GTFO-date is fast approaching. We turn over keys on Wednesday at 1:00 pm, and hope to hit the road for Kamloops shortly thereafter. It’s hard to believe how soon it’s come. We’re both off work, and Monday (today) and Tuesday are total packing days.

Moving is chaotic! A few observations:

– No matter how early you start, there is always a crunch at the end
– You need twice the amount of space to pack as you do to live. Cupboards and closets that once looked half-empty suddenly seem to hold box after box of items you forgot you even had.
– The more you pack, the more you notice how much packing you have left. It seems never-ending.
– Once your furniture starts to get disassembled, it’s incredible how fast it stops feeling like your home.
– Good friends and family are a necessity for sanity. Beer also helps.

We took the Dahg’s couch away today. He sleeps there every night. He’s been none to pleased with all the boxes around, and I expected him to be upset for awhile. So we brought out a new dog bed we bought for him. It was like he instantly knew it was his, and he curled right up and passed out.

Another big day tomorrow, so off to bed!


Any thoughts?

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