It’ll soon be here

Our lesson today came from Fleetwood Mac. I’m obsessed with Rumours lately, but hadn’t listened to it in a few weeks, trying to ween myself off. Of course, I gravitated toward it on my last trip to Our Town this morning for coffee. And of course the biggest single, “Don’t Stop” jumped out with:
Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here
I couldn’t help but think about all the time I planned making this journey, and suddenly this day is here and it seems like no time has passed. The apartment is packed, the friends hosting us know we’re on our way, we’re keeping an eye on apartments in Montreal, and everything we need for the journey has been more or less acquired.
And, of course, my body decides to rebel because of all the anxiety I haven’t been acknowledging. I spent yesterday with full-blown indigestion and back spasms. I could basically direct people to move my shit for me, and that was it. I felt totally useless. On a related note, our moms are awesome. After a semi-nights sleep last night, I got a few other things packed, and decided I needed a walk for caffeine and closure.
So I walked to Main Street, sang all the love songs to the things I love about this place (family, friends, the beach, the summer, the casualness, the vistas, etc) and sang the break-up songs to all the things I hate about this place (high cost of living, rain, inadequate transit, etc), shed a few tears, laughed at the Dahg, enjoyed a last look at the mountains and False Creek, and instantly felt less anxious.
Whenever you do something out of the ordinary, people do one of two things. They either support you with positive predictions of how great it will be or they harp on all the ways it could be a disaster, as if you haven’t thought of it. The intentions of the Negative Nancys is good: they just want to make sure you’re prepared so you do have a good time. I still count us lucky that we’ve reaped the benefit of more Positive Predictors in our immediate surroundings! Thanks to everyone who helped us lug everything into the truck today, who supported us in our organizing efforts! The adventure truly begins NOW!
See you in Stop #1: Kamloops!


Any thoughts?

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