Day 1: Kamloops

Only one day into the trip, and we’re already rethinking our timeline a bit. First of all, Uhaul gave us 13 days instead of or anticipated 11 days to get to Montreal. We intend to use every extra day we have!
Secondly, driving with a full truck and trailer is slow going! Our top speed is 80 km, which wouldn’t be so bad, except that uphill our speed is more like 50 to 60 km. It will be a long haul getting through the Rockies, but we had already decided to try and not drive more than 6 hours per day, so it should be fine.
We stayed in Kamloops with the Hubby’s childhood friend and his dog. It was nice to have a relaxing evening, play some crib, have a few beers, and decompress from a hectic day packing our life up. The Dahgs got along great and provided some good entertainment, although there were some disagreements over rawhide bones!
Today, Day 2, is the drive into the Rockies, to Jasper National Park. We’re leaving early enough, we should get there by the time the sun goes down. But we’ll see!


2 Comments to “Day 1: Kamloops”

  1. Safe travels!!! No matter what the hubby says, it is okay to let little old ladies and little old men pass you on the highway, especially when traveling with a trailer 😉

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