Day 2: Kamloops to Jasper

Day two was the drive to Jasper National Park. Our first stop was Little Fort, where the signs on the highway promised us a UFO photo stand. Alas, it had been shut down. So we fueled up and continued on our way.We stopped in Avola for burgers at the Log Inn Pub, a log cabin-style house off the highway. When we pulled up, a Manchester Terrier and giant Sheepdog-type mutt met us at the door.
The Log Inn Pub was clearly transitioning from biker bar to tour bus stop. It was run by a couple you could tell had some “ties” but had decided to go legit. They had a guest book to sign, and were clearly visited regularly by tour buses looking for an “authentic Canadian mountain pub” feel. The burgers were good though!
Our first site of the Rocky Mountain peaks cam shortly after Avola, and included a giant saluting grizzly statue we dubbed “Hitler Bear”. Sadly he passed to quickly to get a picture.
The highway from Avola to Valemont seemed never ending. Stopped for gas, drove another 30 minutes with more of the same view that as BCers we’re kind of used to. Then suddenly we turned a corner and, OH HAI MOUNTAIN.

The trees at this level are denser, perfect Christmas trees. They aren’t terribly tall, but are clearly sturdy, no matter what strain of fir.
Soon we crossed into Alberta. Funny moments in time travel: my phone switched to mountain time before the Hubby’s. Therefore, my alarm for birth control went off an hour before his. Also, we couldn’t figure out why the GPS kept saying we had an hour and a half till we got there, but we only had 40 more km to go. Surely we weren’t that slow! It turns out the GPS had adjusted for the time change, and we hadn’t noticed until the aforementioned alarm went off!
We are now in Jasper National Park, set up at our campsite, and enjoying breakfast after a nice restful night. Turns out, in moving chaos, a few of our pre-packed camping staples got moved around, so camping is a bit hodge Podge. The Hubby had to open a can with an axe (what a man!).
We plan on spending today, Day 3, hiking a bit and enjoying the Miette Hot Springs.


Any thoughts?

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