Day 6: Edmonton to Lloydminister

Just pulled in to camp after Day 6 on the road. We left Edmonton this morning. Our first stop was in Glendon, at the 54th latitude, which makes it officially the furthest North the Hubby has ever been (I reached my northern-most milestone a long time ago, around Avola). Glendon is the home of a giant, 8 meter pierogie statue, which obviously made it worthy of a detour. It was also just in time for lunch, pierogies, of course!
Glendon is a one-road town with a population of about 400 that centers on the giant pierogie (circa 1993) and Thai Wok’s N’go restaurant across the street (also known as the Pyrogie Cafe). Thai Wok’s is definitely one-of-a-kind. The menu showcases old school diner-Chinese food and homestyle breakfast cuisine, but also features a Ukrainian pierogie, cabbage roll, and sausage meal.
The Prairies so far have actually been a nice drive. Roads are easy and not stressful with the trailer. I have actually enjoyed driving through farmland, seeing all the hay bales, and, of course, the gorgeous, giant prairie sky. Coming from the Pacific Northwest where you’re hedged in on all sides, it is quite a novelty when only 30% of your horizon is land and 70% is sky!
We were planned to spend night in Lloydminister, a town that prides itself on being at the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The drive from Glendon to Lloydminister was about 3.5 hours (with trailer), and we had seen conflicting maps with a campground on the outskirts of town. We planned to check some hotels for price and pet policy. Turns out, hotels were super busy on this Monday night in the middle of nowhere, and were charging over $100 per night. The Best Western was charging $140. On top of that, no pet policy. So we decided to pull over, make some calls, and find some other town that wasn’t so strangely busy. When we pulled over, lo and behold, as if fate had directed us, there was the campground. And fate smiled brighter, no-service sites were only $20 a night!
So here we are in Llyodminister, camp set up and dinner cooking. The Dahg has seen a cat on the premises, and I had time to look up what the he’ll was going on in town. Turns out, there’s a big MMA tournament. Makes me a little nervous, because of how MMA fans can be, but it does explain the abundance of designer trucks and giant motorhomes and trailers. Besides, i like to think that because we have a truck, the Dahg looks intimidating, the Hubby has a beard, and I have a large half-sleeve tattoo we look just bad ass enough not to be fucked with!
Tomorrow is more prairies, ending in Regina!


One Comment to “Day 6: Edmonton to Lloydminister”

  1. Another note about those prairie drives. After a short shift driving today (3 hours until I handed off the wheel at perogyville) I now know why it is so crucial to screen astronauts for mental instability. Cruise control and straight roads leaves little else to do. Compounded for the guys in space that they don’t even touch the wheel (or yoke) for days on end. I don’t know if I’d ever pass that test. That and the potential for black holes in Space and I don’t think I’ll be piloting there anytime soon.

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