Photos from the mid-point

Geographically, we reach the midpoint of our trip tomorrow in Winnipeg, MB.  As far as time goes, we are also around the midway mark.  We hope to be rolling into Ottawa for Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, which will put us in Montreal on Tuesday.

With that in mind, here are some of the nicer, less “hipsta”, non-iPhone photos! Sorry for the formatting (still getting used to WordPress, and it is past bedtime!). Click on the small version to see the larger version!

We’re in Regina at the C Family’s house tonight with We Are The City.  The C’s are the best host in the world – cooked us a fantastic dinner, got us pirate swords and stuffed hand puppets, and have all around been the best of people!

Tomorrow we’ve got the long drive to Winnipeg, where we’ll catch the We Are The City show at the Park Theatre.  More about the trip from Llyodminister to Regina tomorrow as well!




2 Comments to “Photos from the mid-point”

  1. ooh, that’s mount robson! i think it’s the highest of the rocky mountains (but i could be wrong about that). it’s the most famous one though for sure. and the high level bridge! aww, that takes me back. sounds like you are having some good adventures!

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