Day 8: Regina to Winnipeg

I don’t think you can fully comprehend the magnitude of the Prairies until you drive through them. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and hop in your car for 9 hours, you get to a place that is supremely different from where you started. If you go northeast 13 hours from Vancouver and you get a 90%-wonderful drive to Jasper. 12 hours from Seattle is San Francisco., the only part of which sucks is the boring stretch from Olympia to Portland. 13 hours from Portland is Salt Lake City, ad that drive even avoids the stretch in southwest Idaho. Well, 9 hours from Edmonton is Regina, and 9 hours from Regina is Winnipeg. And while the cities themselves are vastly different, the loooong, 17 hour stretches between the cities are exactly the same.
I am blown away by the idea that the people that populate this region have such a spectacularly different frame of reference for life in general than I do. I cannot eve comprehend living everyday with so much vastness around you. I love to go on a nice long drive, and, when I add it up, my darkest times are when I have logged the most hours on the road. But I do wonder, if I had grown up on the Prairies, my love of that few-hours transport a long drive gives me, would that ever have been developed?
When driving through such nothingness, anything slightly humorous provides more entertainment than it should. We passed a vanity license plate reading “JSISLRD”. The Hubby immediately responded, “Poor Jay Sislard, he didn’t realize his name could be so misleading!” we laughed way harder than that joke necessitated. We first spotted him just outside of Regina. We were shocked to see him again outside of Winnipeg!
Winnipeg as a city feels way harder than Edmonton. Maybe it’s that we’re staying downtown, but there is a Downtown Eastside vibe going on. Sketchy things going on in alleys, a little Downtown Eastside flavor on the streets. Luckily our hotel is nice, even if you feel it gets sketchier once you step outside the doors.
We escaped to see We Are The City play a show at a neat little movie-theatre-turned-music-hall called the Park Theatre. I haven’t seen them play since pre-wedding, but they put on a great show! I was struck this show about how much the band as a whole is so percussive and rhythmic. And how much fun they have playing together.
We’re off again early tomorrow. Things get a bit more ad-libbed from here. We are going to attempt to make it to Thunder Bay, but we are trying at all costs to avoid driving at night. We’ll see where we end up. Recommendations on small towns from here to Ottawa along the 17 would be much appreciated!


2 Comments to “Day 8: Regina to Winnipeg”

  1. Karen and I were discussing how people from Saskatchewan tend to be fiercely proud of their province and frequently move back after trying out the big city scene for a few years (her mom is from SK and Karen was there in August). Even the ones I know who have settled in Vancouver/Toronto regularly go back to visit. I hear lake country is beautiful.

    • I wish we had gotten to see a little more of Regina, but we were in and out so quickly! I’ve heard it is a nice place, and I know some really nice people who hail from it 🙂 On our way back, we’ll maybe spend actual daylight hours there!

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