Trip Photos, Life in Transition

First order of business, since our cross-Canada trip is largely at an end, I should post the rest of the trip’s pictures.  We don’t have too many, since we were mainly in the car.  But there were some nice turn outs along the way, so I should share those:

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Secondly, since half-settling in Ottawa, things have moved into a different gear.  We’ve spent the last two days travelling into Montreal to look at apartments.  We have two that we like, in the same neighbourhood, and are waiting for our first choice to get back to us with an application. My nerves are very much on edge.  I am so worried that we will screw up waiting for our first choice apartment that our second choice (and only a smidge less good) apartment will have been snapped up, and we’ll miss the “in by November 1st” window.  Hopefully we’ll have more of an answer tomorrow.

I’m anxious to get settled and have a home. Ottawa is grand and all, but being completely uprooted for so long is starting to get to me.  I’m ready to really start this next phase.  I want to be able to put one foot in front of the other, not keep dancing around planning this life.  Living out of my backpack is starting to grate on my nerves.  Eating out and not exercising is starting to take a toll on my stomach.  I’ve been getting good walks in, but I’ve been eating tons of salty, glutenous food, and my stomach is starting to reach it’s breaking point! I’m anxious to get some income coming in, so I don’t feel like I’m just burning through cash.  Not to mention having a permanent, non-paid place to park the car!!

The Hubby is good at reminding me not to get so caught up in the anxiety.  He has been reminding me that a few hours without an email is okay, it doesn’t mean we’ve lost the apartment.  He is okay waiting, confident that we won’t lose the apartment.  This is not the Vancouver rental market; things seem much less competitive.  He is right, I just have so very little patience, and I bond too quickly! I see something that adds a new element to my life, and I begin planning my life around it. When I see what I want, I want to know straight away whether or not I can have it, lest I get too attached and have to mourn the loss.

The Hubby has luckily been getting some work in, and the Dahg is certainly enjoying communal life. So for now, we wait!



2 Comments to “Trip Photos, Life in Transition”

  1. I can’t live out of backpacks for more than two weeks at a time anymore either. Love the pics. Love the adventures. No, Mummy won’t be pleased if she was a spider I’m sure. Love you guys xx

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