Today’s photography post has been rescheduled into a dual post tomorrow. I have better news that having fun with photography.  That news?


We got accepted for a sweet apartment in Montreal today! Cheap rent, near McGill (but not in the McGill Ghetto), a block away from the best dog park in the city. We’re just off of Rue Sherbrook and Boulevarde Décarie, which is considerably more urban that we’re used to living.  The street itself is lined with trees and duplexes, so it will feel a little more homey.  There’s a yoga place, a coffee shop, an antique shop and a used clothing boutique, and a cheap grocery store. It’s a sweet, old apartment with moulding on the walls and a big living room and big bedroom.  We’re hoping we’re allowed to paint (we just need to confirm with the landlord, but I don’t think it will be a problem).

Here are a few pictures from the listing to function as “before” pics so I can post decorated pics after we have some time with it!

This is the far wall of the living room. It gets a fair bit of light during the day.

The living room again. The couch comes with the apartment. It's comfy, and though a lot fancier than we'd choose, it seems fitting for Montreal.

The bedroom. Doesn't show size, but check out the moulding!

The bathroom! Check out the sweet black and white tiles!

If we’re allowed to paint, then we’re thinking about going navy in the living room.  I haven’t decided about the bedroom yet. I may also chicken out on the navy and just go with a nice soft gray.  Now to scour Pinterest for ideas on decorating!




3 Comments to “Home!”

  1. Yes, just a nice soft grey and then get navy curtains! navy rug…man, I knew I should have bought that rug at Anthropologie!..a nice denim colored woven rug!! maybe it’s still there..hmmm Can’t wait to help you get settled!!!

    • Yeah, the navy I think is ill-advised – best not to make the room look small in the winter, and painting over that would be very difficult when we do leave. But it would look so good! I’ll indulge the navy in the curtains. We have a rub, it came with the couch. We actually have a lot of furniture, just have to get a bed and some more dresser-wardrobe-storage furniture. I’m on the hunt using Kijiji and Craigslist, and will also look at Salvation Army and antique stores nearby.
      We can’t wait for you to come visit either!

  2. BAH! That is such a cool looking apartment! My mind is now spinning schemes to raise money to buy me a plane ticket to come and visit you kids. WOW!!!!!!

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