Photography 101: Day 3, Clouds

Day 3’s photo prompt was clouds.  I woke up on Thursday, and naturally it was raining.  The clouds were that grim, boring kind of cloud with no differentiation between them.  Not the kind of cloud that makes the most interesting picture.  Rather than get down on myself, and get into the frustrated mode I had been in before, I decided to simply move to the Day 4 prompt: Something Green.  I also decided to be less shy about looking like a tourist, and to get out of the house to a place with better lighting.  So off I went, up the street, to the National Gallery.

Unfortunately, I met with a road block.  Once inside, I was told by security that I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside.  At first this seemed like a “duh” moment, but then I remembered being in Paris, where we were allowed to take pictures of anything and everything.  I had already paid for admission, and was looking forward to seeing the Canadian Gallery, so I continued on.

It turned out to be a stroke of luck – the minute I walked out of the Gallery, the clouds were parting and distinguishing themselves.  I snapped a few photos of the back room of the gallery. This is the best of the bunch:

I’m actually pretty happy with this.  I like the way I got the light to burst out from behind the clouds (thanks Photoshop!).  I’m also happy with how ominous it looks!

I also snapped this one, of the rain in the window.  I had the white balance on wrong, and it came out blue.  But I actually liked how it turned out:

Today we’re in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, visiting with our friends the C family.  We’ll be here for the next week, when we’ll drive home and move into the new apartment. They have an adorable 6-month-old, E, who we’ve managed not to freak out too bad!  The Dahg is having a great time with their dog, and with their two kittehs.  He is actually becoming somewhat kitteh-friendly.  I will hopefully have photos of baby E, and some of her friends when they come over on Wednesday! Until then, my back is a bit out, from two long days in the car, so I’ll be spending a little less time on the computer, and more time stretching!



2 Comments to “Photography 101: Day 3, Clouds”

  1. Great photos my dear…missing you, your hubby and dahg. Counting the days now.

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