Photos Galore (Days 4, 5, and our time in Halifax)

Nick and Baby E - she has a big crush on him and laughs whenever he walks in the room!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. 

– Mark Twain

Found this quote today.  Nothing could better summarize the reason we have made this move.  It’s a good reminder, because life is a bit frustrating right now.  Move in time is slowly approaching – only a matter of days now!  And, of course, this is the time when my back decides to go out.  And go out bad.  Normally my back goes out and it’s inconvenient and painful to do things like walk around or ride the bus or lift anything. It also usually radiates down my leg in a sciatic pain.  Nothing about this back pain is normal. It seizes up if I move slightly wrong, aches in my hip if I stay in the same position for too long, and only seems to recover when I sleep overnight.  Heat helps, as does heaps of Robaxacet.

The most infuriating part is that I actually have to make myself stay on the couch and not help out much around the house.  We’re still staying with the C family, and I want nothing more than to cook meals, do dishes, and join D on play-dates with baby E. It’s hard to watch D work so hard and be such an amazing mom and just sit on my ass instead of help however I can.  But if I don’t sit now, I’ll just have to sit later, and the Hubby will have to do all the painting, box-lugging, and organizing by himself on top of working.  That, logically, does not work. So sit on my ass it is.

The good news is I took a bunch of photos on Wednesday, so I am not too behind on my photography challenge.  I’ve tackled 2 prompts:

The something green was the beans from the dinner I was able to cook (Tuesday night):

This photo basically convinces me I need to improve my food photography, particularly my food staging!  Time to read up on some tricks.

The other prompt I finished:

D had a bunch of mommies from her mommie group over to the house on Wednesday.  They came with their dogs, so there were 3 mommies, 3 babies, 4 dogs, and me.  The Dahg could not be happier (although he has been having a great time playing with the C Family’s dog, who I will call C-Dahg).  I got loads of photos, but here are some highlights (and the first one qualifies as a high-angle shot!).

Babies E and E, in adorable hats!

Mom R and Baby H

Bebes fighting!

Baby E globbing onto Baby H. Aww, lurv!

This little girl melts my heart! Baby E is such a sweetie!

Some doggies also came over to play. This shot of C-Dahg and K-Dahg was too damn funny.

We have been having a good time.  I’ll upload some more of our photos later.  We leave on Sunday – we’re going to expand our trip back to 3 days instead of 2.  For one, my back is so angry, I don’t think it will tolerate 8 hours or more in the car.  Second, we want to get into Montreal early enough on November 1st to be able to get some things from the storage unit to start working on furniture layouts.  So it will likely be Halifax to Woodstock, New Brunswick to Quebec City, Quebec, which keeps the drives at 6 hours, 6 hours, and 3 hours. I think my back can handle that, with the help of some pain killers.


Any thoughts?

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