Plans for Home

It’s official – I am burnt out on traveling.  I am more than ready to settle down into our new home and start building our nest (and job and life of course, but nest as well!). After leaving the C Family, particularly the adorable Miss E, I am so very very ready to start integrating into Montreal.

This is f***ing brilliant.

We’re in Quebec City (typically just referred to as Quebec) for the night, in a nice, cheap little motel that seems all the quainter because it has two rooms separated by french-sliding doors.  The Dahg is thrilled because he has a bed of his own tonight. The Hubby and I are thrilled because it’s the first motel that hasn’t charged a pet fee! We had dinner at a nice little Lebanese takeout place – I braved the merguez agneu, which is a lamb sausage.  I’m generally not a huge sausage fan, but I took a risk – I ordered the meal knowing “agneau” was “lamb”, and that I liked lamb.  I thought it was going to be some sort of kabob or shank, but alas – sausage.  In the end it was pretty good, and I haven’t gotten the grease-stomach sausage usually gives me, which to me indicates a certain increase in quality, non? The pita was a little tough, but the rice and potatoes were pretty good for fast-food-Lebanese.

By the way, already I like Quebec, because 3 people approached for friendly conversation in the 10 minutes standing waiting for the Hubby to grab food. They all wanted to pet the Dahg, so I have already rehearsed my next phrase: “Il s’appelle Le Chien”! I just need to actually decipher the phrase for “Can I pet your dog”, so I don’t introduce him if someone asks if I know when the next bus is coming or something!

The rest of my night has been spent contemplating decor and such for the apartment. Which means one thing: Pinterest! Oh man, Pinterest is so freaking addictive for ideas. I’ve settled on painting the walls a light gray – my decision was 100%-no-regrets made when I thought about having to paint over the navy blue when we move out.  It would also fight with the black in the bathroom.  And my wedding featured navy blue, so I should stop being so obsessive about the colour, really.

The main conundrum I’m mulling over is the layout in the living room.  We need to have our “office” in there, plus our sofa and media space.  Our coffee table is good sized.  It’s a lot to fit in one space, and the main walk-through is in the smack-dab-middle of the room. Plus I was hoping to have some sort of dining vignette, although that may simply be a pipe dream.  My other pipe dream is to be able separate it with vintage door screens, like these on Craigslist! I absolutely refuse to have the office in the bedroom, because it will greatly interfere with productivity. I would, however, like to have a little “meditation corner” to do morning yoga and exercises! Both rooms are good sized.  We get the keys at 1:00 tomorrow, and are going to play around with furniture layouts, shop for paint, and prep.

But for now, inspiration:

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Any thoughts?

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