Operation Paint: Completed!

Our first week in Montreal is complete, and we have a fully painted apartment to show for it! We also have boxes of chaos, a fridge still in the living room, and a construction zone ambiance hanging around! All while both battling scratchy throats and stuffy noses from the dander from the previous tenant’s cat!

I’ll continue to post pictures as the place comes together, and a walk-through tour once we’re all unpacked, but I thought I’d post a few updates for those wondering how painting turned out.

Painting is always an adventure. You pick a colour, and it inevitably turns out different than you expected. Some people painstakingly test colours to make sure the one they choose is right. But I’m a risk-taker, and part of the fun in DIY decorating is not always being 100% sure of the end product.

That being said, I am so happy with how the paint colours have turned out.  Here are some photos of our home-in-progress. Remember, you’ve been forewarned about the tornado-on-a-construction-site ambiance!

Just focus on the walls, not our other crap 🙂

For the bedroom, we went with a midtone grey-aqua that turned out to be such a cheerful tone I am sure I will spend loads of time in the in the bleak winter months. The colour also varies from very blue to very gray depending on what time of the day it is. I did the bedroom mostly by my lonesome, since the Hubby had to work, hence why it took so long! So much edging work!

The blue-gray does make the white look shinier!

For the bathroom we chose a blue-gray as well, although we went a shade lighter. This is probably the colour I am least sold on. The bathroom is kind of cavernous, and I was worried about making it too dark. The more nights I spend lounging in our amazingly ergonomic bathtub, the more I get the feeling it should be a bit more monastic and church-like, which makes me want to darken the colour a bit. Luckily, it took only a liter of paint (including the ceiling), so it’s a cheap change.

The colour for the main room was the biggest surprise. We were looking to take a stab at the whole “greige” trend in paint colour (a mix of gray and beige for more dynamic neutral tones). Based on the selection at Home Depot, we picked the closest to the colour I had on mind – a colour that I have been wanting to paint a room since we moved into our last apartment in Vancouver more than 18 months ago! From the start, I worried the colour would be too brown and not gray enough. In fact, I was half convinced it was the same colour we had painted half the walls of our very first apartment together, which was a muddy-latte colour.

Once we got the first coat on, my worries were laid to rest. It turned out PERFECT! It’s a perfection “dove gray”, and sets the moulding off very well. It cozies the room up without closing it in too much.

One final update: the original couch that came with the apartment (red, with a fleur-y embossed pattern) is sadly no longer in our possession. It was simply too long for how we needed the room to be set up. We need room to both have a workspace AND a dining space, and the couch was a diva and demanded all the attention. And, frankly, the previous tenets were a little art-star-Euro-trash, a fact that is worrisome in a city as plagued with bedbugs as Montreal! So the red Louis-Roi-whatever couch is no more, and we’ve acquired a much cushier butter-colored loveseat from a sweet old couple in the burbs. Pearl and Luciano listed the loveseat on Kijiji for a steal of a price. It’s old, no doubt, but has clearly barely been sat on. I have this fantasy life already made up for them because they were so adorable. Based entirely on how old age brings out stereotypical features, I’ve decided Pearl was Jewish and Luciano was French-Catholic and their marriage was clandestine. They made their way together, with hard work and great care, and made out well because, judging from the many Mercedes and BMW’s in their neighbors driveways, their suburb is pretty damn affluent. Regardless of my made-up love story, the couch was pristine, and I feel better with it than Louis. Since it isn’t long enough to sleep on, we’ll be getting a blow-up mattress for guests 🙂

This week, I am back to writing more.  We get internet installed in our apartment on Thursday, which I am really looking forward to.  We are making a trip to Ikea tonight to get a few things (including a bedframe, since so far Kijiji and Craigslist have no cheaper options.  I hate having my bed on the floor, it just feels gross). We are also starting our fitness routines and our instrument-practice routines.  I’ll start a casual job search, which will probably ramp up after our mom’s visit in December! Right now, life here is cheap enough I can focus on setting up the apartment while the Hubby works – something I definitely don’t miss about Vancouver!



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  1. Good color choice…place looks cool!

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