Since we have no Internet, I have been trying to blog from my phone. The WordPress app I use has been crashing, hence the lack of posts. I write one, try and add a photo, and then bam! Crash, and naturally before I save anything.
This happened last night when I had a lovely post going about our Saturday. It was a very busy day! You’ll get that overview tomorrow, since I have a few pictures to share., and this app keeps crashing when I try and load them.

Speaking of pictures, next week is my return to my photography project. I left off in Ottawa, took a bunch of photos while in Halifax, and have taken next to none in Montreal. That will be remedied this week!
I had intended to do a bunch of baking today. But overnight our fridge broke down, and by the time we noticed, our freshly bought eggs, cheese, milk, and other goods had gone bad. I will be making tofu stir-fry tomorrow, but there’s not much fancy to it!
For the Hubby and I, bad things come in threes. This week, we had three major set backs: Ikea, no Internet, and broken fridge. Hopefully that means next week things will return to the far less dramatic norm!


Any thoughts?

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