Lazy Photoblog

The wrongs of last week all got righted this morning.  And they call got righted before noon! We called the Internet company and found out they had actually connected our Internet, but failed to tell us in one of our 3 phone calls on Friday. The ironic part is they call themselves a “communications company”. The fridge repairman was much more timely – he showed up within an hour of calling.  He was impressed with the age of our fridge, though. And fridge repair is not cheap!

Now that I have a medium to blog that isn’t constantly crashing, here’s some lazy photos I’ve been meaning to share from our day out Saturday (lazy photos mean iPhone camera, so low quality):

Crepes! I have been craving them for a few weeks, and they were delicious. Maple syrup, chocolate, AND sweet yogurt on top, and stuffed with fruit. Yum!

We went to get fresh groceries at the Atwater Market. Montreal has several year-round farmers markets. This one is 2 metro stops from home!

We had dinner downtown at Nickel's, a nostalgia-style diner. They give you a bowl of popcorn to start, which I approved of.

Went to a reddit Montreal meetup at a tiny little joint that proved to have bad karaoke. I mean, the book didn't have a single Journey song. NO JOURNEY?!

Some redditors rocking out on the mic. Hits included Queen, Beastie Boys, Stray Cats, Cee Lo, and a few French sing-alongs, which were really fun to hear!

Today, after the fridge was fixed and I was able to replace the eggs, I decided to bake.  I made some gluten free read and biscuits, and will let you know how those turned out tomorrow!



Any thoughts?

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