Mood Swings

One thing about moving, something I didn’t expect but perhaps should have, was the mood swings I’ve been having! The Dahg, demontrating the manic happy upswing part of moving:
Okay, so I needed a pic and that’s a funny one I took of him yesterday. It doesn’t really apply to the rest of the post.
Basically, life is either amazing and fantastic and exactly what I wanted, or terribly stressful and making me bawl.
I had a bit of a break yesterday. I am trying to get a renewal of a prescription, and I ran headlong into my status-in-Canada issue. I don’t have healthcare, which means I have to pay for services. I expect that, but in Vancouver, we have things like Three Bridges and Options For Sexual Health for people who need very basic medical care. Here, there’s no such thing. Now, if you have Quebec medical, things are great. There’s a large network of private, public, family, and walk-in clinics that are covered by your healthcare. But if you don’t have Medicare, and you aren’t youth, a refugee, or a student, you have to pay full price.
My problem wasn’t paying – I understand it’s just the way things are. My frustration came from calling or visiting 5 clinics, all supposed walk-ins. I explained that I was new, or tried to, and I was rudely bounced around from incorrect referral to incorrect referral. The rudeness, confusion, and frustration at not being able to get a simple thing was what broke me, and caused me to have my first truly homesick moment.
So I found a sushi restaurant and splurged on some salmon nigiri and edamame. Not cheap, and not Vancouver-caliber, but it helped.
I solved the problem, but the mood swings lingered all day. When I look back, I have been having a lot of mood swings lately. It’s very stressful, and I wish it weren’t the case. But my naturally high anxiety has shot skyward lately, and I feel like it’s something I should have expected when throwing my life into upheaval. Alas, I must have blocked it because I wanted the adventure so much!
Luckily, the thing that has been constant is the Hubby. We have basically spent the last 2 months almost exclusively with each other and the Dahg. We had a network in Ottawa, and the C family in Halifax, but have spent more time with each other than without or with others. And not only are we not sick of each other, but we are learning to enjoy more things together. We’ve been learning our instruments together (me banjo, Hubby fiddle) a bit, which is really relaxing, and we have been doing daily exercises. We’ll start running together in the spring when my back is strengthened. And taking the Dahg to the NDG dog park has been a fun excursion. I’m looking into other classes we can take together, too. I definitely married a good one!

In closing, mood swing bite, but I have been trying to focus on enjoying the upswings and not being fatalistic about the downswings. Also trying to predict roadblocks that could cause them, and not beat myself up when I get derailed with them.


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  1. Feel for you… email me if you want to Skype to chat or something?

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