Le Tourist

We’re back to our regularly scheduled cheerfulness after last week’s mini-meltdown. Which is good; I would take being consistently moderately content over wild swings of ecstatic and devastated any day.
Part of the reason for the happy is that Jm has come to stay for the weekend. Nothing beats old friends. They can make anywhere “Home”. His visit is also an excuse to be a tourist. When you live somewhere, it is so easy to get bogged down in making a life, you forget to see the things that make where you live great!
We stayed up super late last night watching the highly under-lauded Alan Tudyk movie Tucker and Dale vs Evil. The premiss is that these 2 rednecks and this group of college kids both think they are the protagonist in a horror film and the other is the killer. Which makes for a lot of gory hilarity. I highly recommend, even if the mechanisms are a bit see through.
Today we slept in, took the Dahg to the park, and then went to climb Mount-Royal. I like “mountains” in this part of the country. They are easily scaleable in 90 minutes time. We had ourselves a hot chocolate at the top, and then wandered down the hill through the McGill campus. I was struck how all college campuses had different layouts but the same buildings. It immediately transported me to UBC, though older and more compact.
We decided to have dinner in Old Montreal. If you get off at Champ-de-Mars, leave the Metro and are transported across the Atlantic to Paris, France. It is crazy! And also pricey and touristy. So, yes, Paris 🙂 And in typical British colonial fashion, a giant column with Horatio Nelson at the top. I’m not a huge Anglo-Navy-phile, but I do love monuments to Lord Nelson, if only because he is always shown sans arm.
We’re sitting now at Shaika, the café bar downstairs, where there is purportedly a Celtic-gypsy-bluegrass band supposed to play. I’m telling you, the thing I will miss most about Montreal is the concept of the “café bar”. Coffee, sandwiches, baked goods, simple alcoholic beverages, and nightly live music. What more do you need?
Tomorrow we’re going to explore Jean-Talon and the Plateau. Farmers market and vintage stores. I’ll post pics Of our excursions tomorrow!


Any thoughts?

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