Mont-Royal & Vieux-Montreal, Jean-Talon & Saint-Denis

Jm left yesterday evening, and the Hubby and I went home and collapsed on the couch, sore from the crazy amount of walking we did over the weekend. Saturday, as stated, we hiked Mont-Royal and poked around Vieux-Montreal. Sunday, after sleeping off sangria, live music, and late night board games, we went to the Jean-Talon market and then killed time on Saint-Denis before Jm’s bus left.  Here are some photos from the weekend:

"Leroy Jenkins-ing" (i.e. short-cutting) up the hill Mont-Royal

Lodge at the top of Mont-Royal. There was a hot chocolate vending machine inside.

Squirrels holding up the lodge. They creeped me out a bit, to be honest.

Vieux-Montreal was really twinkly at night, but this was the best my camera skills could capture.

Jm digging into some escargots. They are pretty common fare around here. This pleases me greatly.

Pretty flowers at Jean-Talon Market

Couldn't help but be inspired by the texture of these lettuces!

These oranges were just so carefully arranged, they made me smile!

Saint-Denis is a strange, eclectic street. Lots of "counterculture" stores. Read: Head shops, sex shops, skate shops, and comic shops.

My number 1 reason for planning a trip back! I crave the fruity hookah deliciousness!

Montreal has no shortage of churches. Trying to orient yourself by "that big church" is much like being in a forrest and saying "meet me by that big tree".

It was really fun being a tourist in our new home for a weekend. There are still some places I need to check out/ Saint-Laurent is supposed to have fantastic thrift/vintage stores, and we both really want to go to the Biosphere. When our moms come, we may also check out the Botanical Gardens, although they will be here slightly early for Christmas decorations.

The thing I was really struck by was how each little neighbourhood had its own character. The city has little pockets that are really cozy and homey, and other bigger pockets that are less so. Some sections are extremely European (in both architecture and planning), others are very 1960s-planning.  I sometimes find myself in disbelief that this is technically home.  I keep waiting for some reason we have to pack up and journey back to Vancouver.

Luckily, there’s no sign of that, and we’re starting to get comfortable with putting down roots.

Tomorrow, more GF kitchen experiments!



Any thoughts?

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