The Great Crepe Experiment

Montreal-ers like their crêpes.  Last weekend when Jm visited, we had them twice (well, the boys had them twice, I had them at the place that had gluten-free options). I have been seeing them on every brunch menu I’ve encountered.  After going to La Crêperie du Marché, and eating their delicious buckwheat crêpes, I decided to balls-out attempt my own.

Savory crêpe - with zucchini, mozzarella, shallots, and pesto. Yum!

Crêpe batter is stupidly easy.  Seriously, take pancake batter, and thin it out with extra egg and milk.  If you want sweet crêpes, add some sugar and vanilla.   If you want savory crêpes, add some salt.  Bam.  I looked up a few recipes to make them gluten free, mostly to see what kinds of flour people were using.

As with most GF options, people tended to use either a pre-made mix or a complicated mixture of 3-4 types of flour/starch, usually the more expensive alternatives.  There’s nothing wrong with taking that approach, and they probably approximate the real thing a touch more.  I find fault because I think it makes GF cooking seem more complicated than it needs to.  Sometimes you don’t care how close to the “real” thing you are cooking tastes, only that it approximates the traditionally-wheat product so you feel a little less hindered by eating gluten-free.

My rule of thumb is that the item has to rise, or bind together in a very starchy fashion, you should rely on more complex mixes of ingredients.  But for something like crêpes, which is really just a flattened pancake-omelet hybrid, any kind of flour will do really.  It’s an especially good “cleaning out my random flour collection” food!  To get the proportions correct, I based my recipe off this pancake recipe from All Recipes.  I only changed it by adding an extra egg and doubling the amount of milk.  I also used hints from this “For Dummies” recipe, and added a touch of vanilla and melted butter.

The first crêpe wrapped up. It looks pretty tasty, non? They got slightly crispier as I made more.

The result was pretty fantastic.  The trick to crêpes is in the cooking, and that is an art I am still mastering.  My heat starts off perfect, but gets too hot too fast.  I think I have to be a bit more patient and wait for the pan to heat up more slowly.  I have tried both savory and sweet crêpes with this recipe, and they taste pretty good either way.  They are also a pretty easy meal, even with the cooking being somewhat difficult.



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  1. Looks tasty! 🙂

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