GF Pizza

I got a bit cocky with how well the gluten-free crepes turned out.  The Hubby decided the other night that he really wanted pizza for dinner.  I could have just called Pizza Pizza, who apparently has a GF Pizza Crust, but I decided to tackle another experiment in getting yeast to rise without gluten.

This time, it was a fail.  I know it doesn’t look like it, and taste-wise it was a win.  But I have terrible skill at getting dough to rise.  I am not sure if my room wasn’t warm enough, or if I didn’t let the yeast activate long enough, or if I simply didn’t have enough flour (the dough was really sticky, but I thought pizza dough was supposed to be stickier than regular dough).  I used this Epicurious recipe, except I subbed a flour mix that had the same types of flour.  Perhaps the ratio there was off.  Regardless of the problem, the dough didn’t properly rise, and then it didn’t pull off the plates it was rising on, leaving me to re-roll it on the pizza stone.  Then getting the cooked pizza off the pizza stone was a huge challenge!  Next time several changes:

  1. Parchment paper.
  2. More flour
  3. Leaving the yeast to properly activate before mixing it in the flour
  4. Setting rising dough on top of the oven (perhaps letting dough rise before rolling it out).

Luckily, the pizza tasted pretty good.  The dough was really dense, but the toppings more than made up for its short comings.  It was definitely Hubby-approved, as he is anxious for us to try pizza dough again 🙂


2 Comments to “GF Pizza”

  1. With pizza doughs in general, I find it best to let it rise in the bowl, punch down, stretch (not roll) it out, and then let it rise just a little bit again. I imagine the principles to be similar with a gluten-free flour mix.

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