Okay, I’ve been slacking. Seriously slacking. Also kinda sick.  My stomach has been doing crampy flip-flops, so I’m on a modified-BRAT diet until our Moms show up tomorrow night!  That’s right – the Hubby’s mom (Mummy-E) and my mom (Mummy-K) are coming to spend a week being touristy around Montreal!  I am so excited.

I have been decorations-crafting a fair bit this week and last.  I made two things, and purchased a few others.  First made-item: a wreath for our door.

Bonne Fête, Jesus!

Inspired by Little Birdie Secrets (and Pinterest of course), I fashioned a small star wreath out of just only things I had around the house.  The Hubby’s family, in true irreverant fashion, once got a cake for Christmas dinner that said “Happy Birthday Jesus”, and the joke has continued to this day.  In that vein, I added the sign to the wreath. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, although I need to reinforce the glue (I only had nearly-expired tape-glue, and unfortunately, it isn’t strong enough to hold the “Happy Birthday Jesus” sign).

Second Christmas Craft: a garland inspired by Oh! Crafts:

Hanging in the window!

It was a really simple craft – which would have been made simpler, had I not decided to make everything with things I had around the house/free things.  Thus, instead of buying a circle punch, I traced and cut all the cicles out. Oy vei! Won’t they look festive when we put our lights up tomorrow?

Lastly, I haven’t cooked much this week – what with my stomach being all out of sorts.  I did make one thing, though, that falls under the BRAT diet: applesauce!  Homemade applesauce is the easiest, cheapest thing ever.

Oh so yummy!

I bought a bunch of apples from one of those dollar-bags of produce that is on its way out, and used cinnamon and nutmeg from my spice cabinet.  It was so easy, and so delicious. Step 1: cook chopped apples in water (about 3/4 c per 4 apples) with cinnamon and nutmeg. Step 2: mash/puree apples. Step 3: chill out.  Step 4: Om nom nom.  So easy!


Any thoughts?

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