Moms Visit Part 1

The moms have arrived in Montreal, and we’ve started our touring! We picked them up at the airport late Thursday night/Friday morning. I attempted to make Swedish mulled wine, grög, but left it cooking for too long and it morphed into a delicious reduction sauce – a happy accident, since we were having dinner at our place Friday night. But it meant no wine before bed – how tragic!


Friday, we tooled around our neighborhood and got the Moms settled in at their apartment. They are staying a 10 minute walk away, ironically across the street from the first apartment we really wanted! Dang! The Hubby had work for the day, and so the Moms to Atwater market, where we picked up ham, salad fixings, and Jamaican sweet potatoes for a delicious home cooked meal.

Today, we had our first big touristy day. We went up to Mont-Royal and walked to both the Maison Smith, which had a lovely café and small exhibit. We each had a hot chocolate and cream of tomato soup. Then we continued on to the Chalet, where we caught a lovely view of downtown Montreal.

We made our descent along Rue Peel, and wandered a bit through McGill campus, then down Ste-Catherines, where the holiday shoppers were in full force. Our legs were a bit sore, so we popped into Christ-Church Cathedral, where we listened to some pipe organ music. My heart was particularly warmed seeing a big rainbow flag at the back, an invite to the LGBTQ community. Cheers for a truly welcoming church!
We then cut up to Rue Milton, where we ate an early dinner at Lola Rosa, a delicious vegetarian favorite of the University Ghetto. They were really accommodating to gluten-free eating. I had a tasty polenta, and the Hubby had a fantastic curry that was also gluten-free. The four of us split a ginger-basil crème brulée for dessert. We will definitely be back at Lola Rosa. Tasty, moderately priced eats, and cheap pitchers of beer!
Tomorrow, we will be checking out the Biosphère and Vieux-Montreal. Then a leisurely swim, dinner, and Canucks game at the Moms swank apartment!


Any thoughts?

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