12 Days of Cooking

It's what for Christmas dinner

The holiday season is really upon us now, so I decided to start planning out cooking for Christmas-time. We are going to Ottawa tomorrow, and returning with Jm to begin our two weeks of celebration.  I have a whole list of cookies and treats I am so excited to bake, and I realized I will essentially be doing a “12-Days of Cooking”, leading up to New Years. Great way to end 2011, I say – cooking delicious things! On the agenda for baked goods (all gluten free of course):

We will also be making a traditional Finnish cardamom bread the Hubby’s family makes every year called Gustabun (also known as Pulla). That will be my gluten-splurge of the season, since it feels like sacrilege to make it gluten-free (plus it can be tricky enough to make). I will probably also contribute my own Finnish baking tradition and make Pannukakku (a type of oven pancake) for breakfast. This can easily be made gluten-free, and it is one of the most delicious things you can eat.

We have pretty grand plans for Christmas Dinner, so that will probably involve a few days of prep. I’m using recipes for side dishes, but I’m kind of winging the main, though I’ll probably riff on some traditional recipes.  It will be a grand feast, and include a spectacular main course that Jm, the Hubby, and I have been scheming about since Thanksgiving (the Canadian one in October).

For drinks:

For sides:

For dessert:

  • Apple pie and ice cream (apples are delicious and local, and I have cured my cleanse-induced milk allergy and want to celebrate)

And finally, the glorious main course:

  • Phucken

Now, Phucken is a much funnier riff on the Turducken phenomenon.  Phucken is a whole pheasant stuffed with duck and chicken breasts.  Based on what is available at my farmers market, I will also be including chanterelle mushrooms and, my new favourite veggie, kohl rabi.  And gluten free bread – it’s usually so dry it will soak up juices perfectly. Now, the conclusion I take way too much glee in pronouncing:

It will be a fine Phucken meal!  I cannot wait!



Any thoughts?

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