I was once a strict vegetarian. I was a bad vegan for a year, but missed cheese way too much. But for about 7 years, I was a total vegetarian. When the Hubby and I started dating, I slowly opened meals up to fish, and gradually other meats followed. He had a dairy allergy, and I didn’t want to cook essentially vegan again. Too difficult at that stage in life. But while living in Vancouver, we maintained a largely vegetarian diet. We ate veg at home, occasionally springing on fish, rarely chicken, and even more rarely “fancy” meat if we were eating out.
Since moving to Montreal, all my previous “mostly vegetarian” claims have flown out the window. And there is one reason for that.

Ham here is delicious, and mighty mighty cheap. It is also easily got at the market for reasonable prices, and is so well-cured. Bad ham leaves you guzzling water with a perpetual rubber taste in your mouth. Good ham, like the last 2 cuts we’ve gotten from Atwater, melt in your mouth and taste a mixture of sweet and salty.
We made Mulled-Wine Ham tonight, with ginger green beans and baked potatoes. By we I mean largely the Hubby under my instruction. I got distracted working today and when I started to feel moody and sick, realized I had only eaten a banana and Spritz cookies all day. So I took it easy, and let the Hubby take over. He did good – the meal was a good balance of protein, veggie, and carb. I’ve noticed if I have too much protein I get sluggish, too much carb and I get cranky, too much veggie and I get crampy. I very much need a balance. Here’s my 3 boys in the kitchen, mesmerized by ham:

It was freezing rain today, and tomorrow looks to drop under freezing again. Which means the world could be covered in ice. And I’m out of tea. Thank goodness for snowboots, but also, worst case scenario, the cramp ons I bought to give them super traction! Adventures in East Coast winter begin!


Any thoughts?

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