A Slow Beginning

It really feels like it is still the holiday. Is that true for anyone else? At the moment, the Hubby and I are in the famine of contract work, physical exhaustion from the holiday season, and (me at least) a little bit of the flu and post-New-Year blues. I’m not sad or anything, I’m just having trouble getting motivated to tackle the tasks at hand. Taking them a bit at a time.

Task #1 for the New Year is getting on that French-learning. Having been here for a few months, I realize I need some supplementing to the “immersion”. Montreal is half-immersion, which means you learn simple basic phrases really easily, and pick up a lot of random vocabulary from marketing, but most of the population a) speaks English better than you speak French and b) relishes the opportunity to practice said English! It usually means they switch to English readily at a sign of your accent. My goal is simple – take regular French classes, participate in more conversation exchanges, and immerse in more French media.

For the classes, the Hubby and I will be registering for these courses next week. They start early, which I’m glad for, since I generally need something to kick my ass out of bed. Bonus? They are near St-Laurent, and a short bus distance away from Mile End, which  are two good locations for Friperies (thrift stores). Post-class shopping may happen… They also include free conversation workshops. I can also go to this conversation exchange website. Bonus for meeting people!

Finally, more French media. This site was recommended to me for French TV. I’ve heard that listening to the comedy is good, as it helps you get context for the humor and nuance of Quebecois culture. They also have news sites, which I find to be useful for immersion, since you have an idea of some of the vocabulary for context. I also intend to follow this dude’s recommendation and get a kids book in both English and French, and read them side by side.

Hopefully I will be able to learn enough French in the next few months to help me get a job I don’t hate. I have until September 2012. Any recommendations on other websites, programs, or exercises? Remember, cheapness is a necessity, so things like Rosetta Stone are out!



Any thoughts?

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