SCF Game 8

The Hubby and I had plans to go out to the Biodome today to see the penguins. Then the forecast called for freezing rain. That is the one type of weather I refuse to go into unless I have to. Photos of penguins tomorrow, I promise!


Instead, we stayed in and streamed the Canucks-Bruins game. I’m still learning a lot about hockey, but this is perhaps one of the most ridiculous games I’ve ever watched. To make things more interesting, we happen to be getting the Boston commentary. A few gems:

-“Hansen must do some veterinary work in the off season, because he sure looked like he was practicing his neutering moves there!”
-“There are 3 players in the league whose names all start with I, and they all play for the Calgary Flames!”
-“This is why Vancouver has a reputation as one of the most despised teams in the league.”

I really hope one of the Canucks gets ahold of the neutering quote. Would make for some good locker room taunting. Also, I can think of many teams that are hated more than the Vancouver Canucks. One of them being the Boston Bruins. What a mean, intense game. I was following along on some hockey boards, and unfortunately the trash talk on either side fails to be interesting. Vancouver fans: “Wah, the Bruins are a bunch of goons”. Bruins fans: “Buh, the Canucks have no class”. I find myself falling victim to it, but the way both sides are entrenched in hatred is really irritating. I don’t like Marchand, and Horton dominated the box with all his penalties. But I also thought Weisse backing away from that fight was pretty cheap and spineless. A certain amount of hard, even questionable hits can be expected. A certain amount of cheap, sneaky dives and stick maneuvers can also be expected. It’s far more interesting to look at the individual calls. It seems like the Canucks survived 5-on-5, and really did well in the final period. They were far superior on the power play than Boston, which I think is why they won the game. But it was a close one!

Last note: Schneider scoring on himself would have been just about the funniest play in existence! I would have took the shame, and laughed so hard.

For my heart’s sake, I really hope these teams don’t make it to another Stanley Cup Final. If they do, however, HBO should seriously run a 24/7 series about them. Might trump the Canucks-Blackhawks rivalry!


Any thoughts?

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