Hey everyone! I know it’s been a few weeks between posts. It’s with good reason, I assure you. I’ve been mulling over making changes to the blog. Our cross-country trip and settling into Montreal has been the focus of a large part of content, and I’ve found I have less and less to write about as we settle into daily life here. I’ve decided to start writing about some more general and less personal content.
Instead of sporadic posts, I’ll be posting daily! Yay! Here’s the posts will be themed from now on:

MONTREAL MONDAY: Exploring my new Belle Ville! Updates on things going on in the city, or new neighbourhoods I explore.

NEWSY TUESDAY: Links to interesting news stories, other awesome blogs, artists and musicians, and updates on our life.

WISHFUL WEDNESDAY: A place to pretend. I’ll be writing about cool products, awesome home decor, and fantasy vacation planning.

TASTY THURSDAY: Meal of the Week time, where I will either cook a new recipe, experiment with gluten-free baking, or even the occasional restaurant review!

FOTO FRIDAY: A new photo every week, but with a twist – il va écrit en français!

Posts will begin tomorrow! I am really looking forward to seeing how this new format works. I hope you like it, too!


3 Comments to “Changes”

  1. I love the new format W. Looking forwards to it…

  2. Ton blogue m’a manqué et j’suis contente que t’as recommencé à écrire. Faut aider nous autres qui sont pas en train d’explorer!

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