Newsy Tuesday – Feb 7th

Welcome to the first NEWSY TUESDAY: Links to interesting news stories, other awesome blogs, artists and musicians, and updates on our life. This week, an intro a few of the blogs I read regularly!

  • Little Green Notebook is the official blog for Jenny Komenda Interiors. Jenny is a genius at repurposing furniture. I am so inspired by her dressers and armoires and mad-upholstering skills.  You’ll probably see a lot of her on my Wishful Wednesdays, as I envy anyone with a garage for stripping and painting old furniture!
  • Celiac Teen is written by 18-year-old Lauren. She takes lovely food photography, and writes with an unabashedly poetic style that makes me swoon to remember the newness of being a teenager.
  • Bleubird Vintage is the most stylish mama I have ever seen! She’s always got great home decor and knick knacks she’s thrifted, and has such a timeless vintage style. Her family photos capture life in constant flux and activity. She is amazing!
  • Elegant Musings makes me wish I had a sewing machine! She has simple, accessible sewing tips and is another thrift store maven. Check out her recent Cupid’s Arrow sweater embellishment. What a neat way to transform a plain cardigan.

As for the Hubby and I, we have a busy February ahead. We’re going to have some decent road trips up ahead! We’ve been inspired lately by all the cool things that are only a few hours drive from Montreal, and February is already booked up with travel and local events!

Our excitement over traveling was sparked by a trip to Saratoga Springs, NY to visit our friends A & C.  It was a really great trip! A is celiac, so it was great to not have to worry about where to eat gluten-free.  Not only has she already scouted the town, but turns out Saratoga is a foodie paradise with great restaurants, artisan food shops, and many GF options! It was a wonderful trip! Here are some photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Any thoughts?

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