Wishful Wednesday: Montreal Kitchen

Welcome to the first WISHFUL WEDNESDAY: where we feature cool products, awesome home decor, and fantasy vacation planning. Today, I’m dreaming about brightening up my cozy kitchen.

When we first moved, my nesting instinct kicked in in full force, and I am pretty proud to say our small apartment has been turned into a home fast! After Christmas, however, I went into a sort of funk, and was less than inspired by our space.  Luckily, lately, that instinct has started to come back. The first place I want to tackle is my kitchen!

My kitchen needs some serious reorganizing, but that isn’t the priority here! My kitchen is also starkly white. I know some people are inspired by the crispness of white, but I hate it. I like colour, even if it’s neutral colour.  Too much white just makes me nervous. I also don’t want to paint the kitchen, because then I have to move all the appliances. I tried it once, and it’s a giant pain. So I must set about bringing in some colour elsewise.

The few items already in the kitchen include a Guinness placard I bought my husband in London many years back and a dark wooden collage picture from. Not much to go on, but it forced me to make some decisions I may not normally have made. It forced me to go more country than I usually do, and it forced me to use red, which has never been my go-to. I also firmly believe in mixing styles so nothing is too country, too french flea market, to danish, or too rustic. I’m a firm believer in things “going” not “matching”.  So I ended up with a sort of country-mod blend, with a dash of kitsch:

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You can view the tutorials and places to purchase some of these items on my Pinterest site (linked below – I’m still working on getting it on the sidebar). So what do you think? It actually seems plausible to craft up some of these things on the cheap! We’ll see, perhaps the kitschen (oooooohhhh) will be the subject of a future post?

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