Round 2: Gluten Free Pizza

Welcome to the first TASTY THURSDAY: Meal of the Week time, where I will either cook a new recipe, experiment with gluten-free baking, or even the occasional restaurant review! Today, my second attempt at gluten-free pizza dough.

Tasty enough, but still room for improvement!

I’m just going to start off saying I am not used to things in the kitchen not going my way.  I have been very lucky with my lifetime of baking that things tend to go my way.  Sometimes they could be better, but most of the time I am getting nitpicky about flavour and texture. I credit it to good genes – the women in my family are fabulous cooks, specially my own mother.

Gluten-free baking, and particularly the baking of breads, has proven to be the biggest challenge I have ever faced in the kitchen. So far,  I am just not good at it. I’m sure the food is passable, but I haven’t developed the finesse needed for me to bra yet. So I can’t brag about this pizza.

Part of my ineptitude with the bread part of baking comes from lack of experience with “the real thing” (I say very derisively). I never made yeast bread with wheat flour growing up, so I am completely in the dark when it comes to the feel for things.  That being said, in some ways that could be to my advantage. Gluten-free breads are a different beast entirely, since wheat has entirely unique properties that cannot be fully realized with non-gluten flours.  It, much like my current lack of skills, an unfortunate reality.

Poor Hubby has to put up with my crankiness and near tears almost any time I try and make a GF bread-like thing. Last time it was because the pizza dough didn’t rise and then stuck to the pizza stone.  This time it was because the dough was too dry and threatened to crumble before it was transferred to the pizza stone. Next time two improvements: 1) more water, making the dough a midway point between dough and batter and 2) build the pizza on the pizza stone. I used Gluten-Free Girl’s recipe and the flavour turned out to be great! I just need to push the dough out a little thinner. I am in the process of getting myself a kitchen scale, but until then, Real Food Made Easy helped me better approximate weight-to-volume measurements that are so key to GF baking!

Ahh, life lessons from baking!



Any thoughts?

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