Our Hood: Notre-Dame-de-Grace

MONTREAL MONDAY! Every Monday I detail something new about la belle ville! Updates on things going on in the city, or new neighbourhoods I explore. This week: our ‘hood, NDG!

Sorry for missing Friday’s post.  It was a stressful day, and the Hubby and I went into a bit of lock-down to process some things. Things are better now, and I will load up the photo this Friday and give you double photos 🙂

We’ve been in Montreal for 3 full months now, and I thought I would introduce you to our little neighbourhood, or borough as they call them here.  We live in Notre-Dame-de-Grace, called NDG, which is part of the larger Notre-Dame-de-Grace-Cote-des-Neiges bourough.  In Montreal terms, NDG is on the west side of the island.  By the rest of the world’s standards, we are south. Here’s a little promo video the borough did to show how purdy NDG is.

Our actual apartment is located near the border with Westmount, which is one of Montreal’s swankiest places.  Expensive shopping abounds; unfortunately for us, money does not, and thus we haven’t explored too much of it.  Although there is a few lovely consignment stores, like Deja Porte, where you can get Chanel and other high end pieces for much lower than retail price. Sherbrooke Ouest has some decent shopping, though mainly large chain stores or really high end boutiques.

The major strip in NDG is Monkland Avenue.  Monkland has a bevvy of cafes, snack-shops, and boutiques. It is really green, with lots of trees and patios. We almost had an apartment on Monkland when we first moved here, and it was where the Moms stayed when they visited.  It was really a homey place, and I’m kind of sad we didn’t end up there.

Sherbrooke Ouest in NDG is a little rougher. It’s more brick and old concrete, and is much less cozy.  There are still some interesting shops, but it is much more urban than Monkland.  Our apartment, however, is located right across the street from NDG Park, which boasts the Dahg’s favourite place – the dog park!  Next to the dog park is somewhat of a novelty for us Vancouverites: an outdoor hockey rink!

We took a stroll around the neighbourhood on Sunday.  We had planned to walk much further, but it was -15 C without windchill, and it is simply too cold at that point to be out too long.  The face gets scary numb! But enjoy!

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