Link Love: Valentines Lurve

Welcome to NEWSY TUESDAY: Links to interesting news stories, other awesome blogs, artists and musicians, and updates on our life. This week, an intro a few of the blogs I read regularly!

The Hubby and I aren’t much for Valentines. Our first Valentines as a couple, he was in Mexico, and I thanked my lucky stars because we’d only been dating a month and I couldn’t handle the pressure (I wasn’t even calling it dating at the time, but to be sure, it was). Our second Valentines we went out for a meal at a quaint restaurant on Granville I believe and then stopped at a grocery store at around 10 pm to buy discount cakes for our housemates.

In 2010, the Olympics were in town, I had a bum ankle, AND it was Chinese New Year.  We sat around with our friends, ate brownies, and gorged ourselves on Chinese food (take from those food items what you will). Then we watched the pairs figure skating, but turned off the official sound and played DJ, inspired by the skaters’ costumes. I will never go back to watching figure skating the traditional way again! 2010 was far and away the best Valentines ever.

Here are some links inspired by the day!

As or a quick update, the Hubby and I have one more week of French classes.  Then I am taking French for Job-seekers to see if I can improve my business French. We shall see if it helps in the job search.  I have an interview tomorrow, but other than that the pickings are slim even if you do speak French. It’s getting a bit down to the wire for jobs now. Wish me luck!



Any thoughts?

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