February 21, 2012 – Some Links, More News

I have a few links to get out of the way, and then some big news.

  • Little Green Notebook reminds us of a great way to add subtle colour-punch to white interior doors.
  • The Hubby will definitely get his indoor climbing wall if we can get holds designed like this!
  • The Pasta-Free Runner shows us her home-cooked Valentine’s dinner – I will have to try her salmon rub! Sounds delicious!

Onto the news. Weekend before last, the Hubby and I had a bit of an evaluation of the state of life in Montreal. We had to make a call about how important it is for us to stay here, versus how much it is costing us, emotionally and financially, to stay. The Hubby has much more work in Vancouver than in Montreal, and my lack of French has made finding a job almost impossible. We had to acknowledge that, by staying in Montreal, we would be barely scraping by, not making enough money to actually enjoy the city.

Coming here, we acknowledged, was an experiment. We came, armed with some contract work, and planned to try and make things work. At first it seemed, with lots of work coming in from Vancouver, we would be able to do well here. Had that continued, we would have. But the contract work slowed to a trickle, and we weren’t able to find things here to supplement.

We will thus be heading back across the country to home, and we will be coming soon – April 1st. We are a touch disappointed, mostly that some of our travel plans won’t happen, and that our days in this beautiful bilingual city are numbered. I will miss the French most of all, I think. In the end, though, Vancouver and our friends and family there, are truly home. We always knew we had it great, and now we’ve discovered exactly how special our life there is.

We took our potential last trip to Ottawa this weekend – saw some sites, ate a Beaver Tail (my stomach will be in gluten-recovery for the next few days, but totally worth it), and hung out with Jm and his crew there (such wonderful people!). The weather was too warm to skate the canal, but it was nice for some good walks around the capital city.

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6 Comments to “February 21, 2012 – Some Links, More News”

    • I agree with Eini!! You were both do brave to do this and to do it “whole hog”! I can only imagine how amazing an experience this will be to look back on and say “yeah, we did that!”.

      • PS I’m pretty excited about some GF things I’ve learned about in Vancouver! Excited to share them with a GF person who understands what I’m talking about!! 😉

      • Thanks Ash and Eini! Definitely no regrets here. We got out of it what we needed. If nothing else, who gets to spend 6 months almost exclusively with their husband. We are pretty happy, even happier that it proved we just don’t get sick of each other 🙂

  1. What an honest post W. Thanks for sharing.

    BUUUUT I’m excited that you are coming back? =)

    • Thanks Dani! We will have to arrange a big tribe get-together when we get back, though I don’t know where since the Trap is gone and Ceili’s falls far short (no proper Irish bar only serves Canadian Club whiskey).

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