Nuit Blanche

MONTREAL MONDAY! Every Monday I detail something new about la belle ville! Updates on things going on in the city, or new neighbourhoods I explore. This week: our evening at Nuit Blanche.

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I’m still a bit in recovery mode from Nuit Blanche on Saturday night. It was a wonderful evening, a great way to experience the city.  We spent the evening with our friends F & M, and ended up wandering through many different areas.

We started the night at Cafe Cleopatra for the Nuit Spasm film screening. They were showing short films from the larger Spasm Festival in the fall. There were some great films, both funny and riveting.  Cafe Cleopatra is typically an adult club, and so between the second and third session of films there was a one-song drag performance!

We then hightailed it out to the Biodome to see the penguins. They were pretty adorable, although it was clearly past their bedtime! Their stillness made for some good photos though! There were originally 8 penguins out, but by the time we got there, there were only 4 – the other 4 had to go inside because it was too cold.  TOO COLD FOR ARCTIC PENGUINS. Sigh.

Strolling the grounds around the Biodome and Stade Olympique there were a group of fire dancers we stopped to watch for awhile.  Then we went to warm up in the Centre-Sportif and ran into the Underwater Art Exhibit. Turns out they meant snorkelling, not scuba diving, but the pool looked so warm and inviting that I was sad I hadn’t brought my bathing suit!

We then headed back downtown to Place des Arts to wander the main grounds a bit.  We ended up heading inside again to see Fantasia, another short films screening.  I really enjoyed the short films, and it made me excite to go see some of the shorts presentations at VIFF this fall.

The screening let out around 3:00 am, and we were starving by this point, so we took the Metro up to the Plateau to grab poutine from Chez Claudette, an old greasy diner-type spot. The restaurant was pretty busy – clearly poutine is the official late night snack of Montreal. By the time we finished, it was close to 5:00 am, so the Hubby and I headed home and crashed!



Any thoughts?

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