Montreal Monday: Saturday Night Revelry

Welcome to MONTREAL MONDAY! Every Monday I detail something new about la belle ville! Updates on things going on in the city, or new neighbourhoods I explore. This week: Some of my favorite places around the city, some new places, and a glimpse at a classic Saturday in Montreal!

Our friends R & J, plus their friend S, made a last minute trip to Montreal so we could have a final night on the town together before the Hubby and I move back West. R recently moved to Ottawa, but has a weird and kind of awe-inspiring work schedule so we hadn’t seen him on any of our trips (we had seen J a few times, and met S once). We had a pretty packed night, hitting up lots of spots all around downtown – a few favourites, and a few we’ve been meaning to get to. It felt like a very classic Saturday in Montreal. My camera was only able to grab a few shots – a few of the places were just too dark 😦


Stop 1: Fancy dinner in Vieux Montreal at Creperie Chez Suzette

You may recall this is where we took the Moms when they showed up, and where we ate with Jm when he came the first time. It is my favourite place in Vieux Montreal – reasonably priced, great service, quaint atmosphere. Plus delicious escargot and lobster bisque. We split a bottle of wine between us 5, and had almost as many orders of the cheese-covered slimy gastropods!

Stop 2: Habs game at La Station des Sports

The Habs were playing Toronto – a must see game for sure. This bar is big, so we were likely to get a table, and has 4 L pitchers for $21. I paid way more for my gluten-free drinks, sadly. It’s a good atmosphere though, and more TVs that you would think possible. The Habs lost, which this year has definitely happened more than not.

Stop 3: Frites Alors! And late night poutine snack

Okay, I know I said the last poutine was a splurge, but getting poutine in Vancouver will be so tough. Also, I love this restaurants name. It is just such a good exclamation! And a night in this town isn’t complete without a greasy, cheesy, salty poutine!

Stop 4: Lolita Karaoke and annoying college kids

We decided to finish off the night with some karaoke. Lolita clearly caters to the college crowd. We walked in and there was a huge birthday party finishing up – no one over the age of 22. Then another huge group walked in shortly after, around the same age, and exceedingly obnoxious. Some girl was scream-singing Nirvana with a Jersey accent. I shudder to remember it. Montreal has several large colleges and universities, so you’re bound to run into crazy undergrads late at night. Some are fine, some are infuriating. As far as Lolita goes, the song book wasn’t bad, though, and it was a nice contrast to our first trip out to the reddit meetup karaoke party.

It was a good night on the town, and nice to have old friends in our temporary home. We were out until well past Metro-closing.



Any thoughts?

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