Link Love: March 6, 2012

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The Hubby and I are planning a quick overnight trip to Toronto in a week or so.  We’re kind of planning it last minute.  We have an opportunity to go do the Edgewalk, which both excites and frightens me.  Plus if I see Toronto, I will have seen the major Canadian metropolises. In fact, after this trip, I will only need to travel to Newfoundland/Labrador, PEI, Yukon, and the Territories to have seen all the Provinces. Unfortunately, those are the trickiest ones to get to. That’s a good deal of Canada!

Tonight we’re going to trivia at Hurley’s downtown.  It will be our last chance for trivia in Montreal, so even though I’m coming down with my usual spring throat-lung thing, we’re making a point of going out. I can’t believe we’ll be on our way back in a few weeks – I’m probably equal parts excited, nervous, and wistful about saying goodbye to this place.



2 Comments to “Link Love: March 6, 2012”

  1. I WANT to do the edgewalk! I’ve heard good things about it from one of my friends in Toronto who’s done it. Can’t wait to hear your experience doing it.

    • Upon further investigation, the Walk doesn’t open until May – so we will be missing it by a month and a half! We are super disappointed. Going to have to keep an eye on flights from Van to Toronto at some point, because we definitely want to do it!

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