Dream Trip: Yoga Retreat

Welcome to WISHFUL WEDNESDAY: where we feature cool products, awesome home decor, and fantasy vacation planning. Today, we look at some awesome yoga retreats!

Last year, when the Hubby and I were in the middle of wedding planning stress, we took a “no-wedding-talk” weekend and went to Tod Mountain Ranch outside of Kamloops. We stayed 2 nights, and had a full day of horseback riding plus absolutely delicious organic meals cooked for us, with my gluten-free needs incorporated!  It was the best kind of restorative vacation – away from civilization, forced light exercise, good food you don’t have to think about, and a small number of pleasant company.  It really changed my mind on things like all-inclusive retreats.  Whenever I go to a yoga class, they always have posters for various retreats to exotic and nearby locations.  I definitely want to take a yoga vacation at some point in my life.

Saltspring Centre for Yoga

I wouldn’t necessarily have to go big.  Salt Spring Island, like the rest of the Gulf Islands, is a big hippie paradise, and thus they have several retreats.  The Salt Spring Cente of Yoga seems to have a good program, with reasonable rates and several levels of practice. Thrice-daily yoga, plus nearby shops and hiking sounds like it would be a lovely way to spend a weekend.

Kripalu Centre in Western Massachusetts

If you want to get a little further from home, there is the Kripalu Centre in Western Massachusetts has really good word of mouth.  Their website and Wikipedia entry make them sound a little cultish, and their retreats are self-designed, which for me would be a bit of a detriment (if I know me, I would say I was going to roll out of bed for a morning class and end up sleeping the day away). But I have taken classes by Kripalu-trained instructors, and I find the specific type of yoga really invigorating and relaxing.

Maya Tulum

Of course, my ideal would be to do something more exotic. Get away to a more interesting destination.  Nothing says relaxing vacation like the beach. Mexico is a common location, and many of the flyers you see at classes are booked at places like Maya Tulum, where outside teachers bring students in.  The benefit of something like this, other than staying in an adorable hut on the beach, is you also have the full range of spa activities.  That much yoga could necessitate a massage or two!

Responsible Travel

Of course, my ideal vacation would combine the Tod Mountain Ranch experience and he yoga retreat experience.  The cost for this appears astronomical, but Responsible Travel advertises for a horseback riding and yoga retreat in Greece.  Exotic location, check. Forced exercise of multiple types, check. Delicious local organic food, check.  I’m sold!



Any thoughts?

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