GF Ginger-Molasses Cookies

I grew up cooking with a well-used binder copy of Betty Crocker’s Cookbook. I loved baking more than cooking when I was younger, and my specialty was cookies. I got them down to a fine art. I would take one of Betty’s recipes, mimmick her fat-sugar-starch combos, and then riff on the flavour combinations. I never wrote down my riffs because they were different each time. But the part that was down to the science was the cook time. It is one of the most essential components of a good cookie. You want the outside solid and a bit browned at the edges, but the inside should melt in your mouth.


I experimented briefly with Spritz cookies for Christmas this year. Now that I’ve mastered pizza dough, I am keen to move on to my former specialty. I had originally intended to make my ginger-molasses cookies around the same time, but I spent too much time in the kitchen as it was, and got a little burnt out. In an effort to use as much of our current food stores as possible before we move, I decided it is time to try another experiment!

I’m not sure the origins of my specific recipe – it’s written down in my red leatherbound recipe book I’ve been collecting things in since college. It very well could be old Betty Crocker, Epicurious, some old family recipe, or from the back of a carton of molasses for all I know. Either way, it will need some reworking to be really great. I want to tweak the spice ratio to be a little more ginger and a little less clove. Also, in the spirit of using up my stores, I swapped the regular sugar for brown sugar. Even though I shorted a little on molasses to accomodate the extra caramel-y flavour of brown sugar, it was still a little overpowering. I would cut it down more next time.

As far as how they worked out as gluten free, I think next time I’m going to experiment with sweet rice flour, as I’ve read it has a better starchy component that is good for baking. Also coconut flour is supposed to be good. Either way, while they were successful, they had a little more spread and a little less fluff than I’d like. More experimenting to come!

Either way, the Hubby is happy. Molasses cookies are his favourite, and he whole-heartedly approved of the gluten-free ones.



Any thoughts?

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