Moving Hiatus – Hopefully the last!

I’ve slacked on the last couple of posts.  I know.  At this point, we’re starting to get the apartment torn up and coordinate some things for the move. Things are going to start getting busy, and thus the format I’ve been employing is going to go by the wayside again until we’re back in Vancouver (which will be mid-April). I’ll still post regularly, but things will be less structured and more travelogue again!

Things with the move are going well.  We have the trip mostly planned – we’ll be leaving here on March 31st and, weather permitting, will be in Vancouver around April 15th. I’ll detail more of the trip later on.  It is a bit more expensive this time, since we have to stay in hotels through Ontario, and you can only go so fast on around the Great Lakes.

We have a bunch of people coming by this week to look at the apartment. This is such a huge relief, since we are keen to off-load our lease! We’ve also started packing things up, and listing the sofa and the fridge on Craigslist.

Packing is the daunting part. I am seriously missing all our giant Crate and Barrel boxes that we moved in here with. My kitchen is going to take lots of boxes.  Luckily, the grocery store down the street gives away free boxes. Also luckily the way we’ve stored a lot of things is in bins, so a lot of those things can just get taped up and will be good to go. Our clothes have already been pared down to what we need for the next month.

Just have to decide the last few things we’ll do to say good bye to Montreal!



Any thoughts?

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