Montreal to Ottawa to Niagara

We are currently resting and well-fed in our hotel in Niagara after a very very long two days. A Knights Tale is on TV, the Dahg has his own queen-sized bed, and we just finished choosing down some delicious gluten-free Thai food.


I never want to move again. We were very organized, and had everything packed up and ready to go. Unfortunately, there are always those little things that don’t fit into boxes (sports equipment, flat-packed furniture, ironing boards, etc). You get all the boxes and easy stuff packed, and then the chaos begins. You get bogged down in the chaos, become inefficient, and then suddenly see the end and power through. My arms are shot from carrying so much stuff. We ended up not leaving until around 5:30, arriving in Ottawa at 8:30.

It was nice to have our first stop be a familiar place. It was good to see Jm and his friends. They are good people. We wonder a little if we had picked Ottawa, would we have made more of a life here? I don’t know, but we do have fond memories of our times in Ottawa. We had a big taco feast, then went out and watched the Canucks eliminate the Calgary Flames from playoff contention.

We got up later than expected after such a hard day previous. We strolled through the Byward Market to Tim Hortons for coffee and then strolled in the miserable slushing weather to catch one final glimpse of Parliament. Ottawa was my first experience of Old Canada, the first time I saw an old Eastern Canada church, and the first place brick really stood out. Even if it wasn’t the most picturesque day, we felt the need to say good bye.


We got on the road around 10. Our first stop was Ganonoque, where we took a little detour to see the Thousand Islands Parkway. We were hoping for some good St Lawrence scenery, but it was so windy and rainy that we couldn’t see much further than 100 yards onto river. It was a bit underwhelming.
Our next stop was Fort Henry in Kingston. We stopped out for a brief stop to walk around the outside of the fort. The view toward Kingston was actually quite neat. The mist and rain blurred the cityscape against the lake, so it looked like the city was falling off into nowhere.


After Kingston, we powered through, save for one gas stop, all the way to Niagara. I was hoping this leg of the journey would offer some decent roadside scenery, but the weather made everything dingy and gray and a bit ugly and industrial. We are checking out Niagara Falls in the morning tomorrow, and then hopefully have a bit shorter of a drive up Georgian Bay to Huntsville.


Any thoughts?

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