Niagara to Huntsville

Today was a less lengthy drive. We had a somewhat leisurely morning, not checking out until around 10:30. We drove 10 minutes down the road to see the Falls.


Today I learned that Niagara is Canada’a Las Vegas. It reminded me so much of the tacky goodness that is the Strip. Personally, I liked it. It was ridiculous, and if I hadn’t expected it, I would have been upset at it detracting from the natural beauty of the Falls. I kind of liked the contrast. We tooled along the observation area right next to the Horseshoe, and then we forked over some money to go up to the observation deck of the Skylon Tower.

After spending a few hours at Niagara, we drove the 4 hours to Huntsville, backtracking much of our route from yesterday. I’m actually glad we did, because we got to see what was so dreary yesterday in perfect sunlight and great visibility. The Toronto metro area was prettier than yesterday, but still kind of a big sprawling packed suburb.

The rest of the drive was the first really pleasant scenery we’ve had. It was farmland and forest and rolling hills, and felt speedy to go through despite our top speed of 55 mph/90 kph. We got some good glimpses of Lake Ontario and Lake Simco, and there was not a cloud in the sky all day.

We’re now resting at our hotel in Huntsville. So far, we are two for two on hotels with gluten free restaurants across the street! Today, I had a gluten free BLT made with locally made gluten free bread. It was delicious – the bread was some of the best I’ve had! We upgraded to a jacuzzi suite, since it was only $20 extra and we needed something to soak our tired joints in.

Tomorrow will hopefully bring some awesome scenery. We’re covering the Parry Sound/Georgian Bay stretch and the first of a few days circling the giant Lake Superior. I’ll end with a giant stream of pictures from our day at Niagara.






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  1. Where on earth does all that water come from?

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