Huntsville to Blind River to White River

I greatly dislike this part of Ontario. It’s pretty desolate, and the only places to stay are crappy budget motels on the side of the highway. They make me a nervous sleeper. I will be in a lot better mood tomorrow when this part of the trip is behind us.

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. We checked into the hotel, and I promptly spent the night sleeping off nausea triggered by caving to a potato chip craving and not eating properly. Both of our stomachs are off tonight as well, partly due to lack of decent food options on this leg of the trip. Thunder Bay tomorrow will be such a relief. It may not be a big place, but the population is in the 6-digit range. The cities we’ve gone through ear are lucky if they are low-end 5 digiters.  Most are around the 1500 mark. And not the quaint 1500 mark – just desolate.

We are currently in White River, birthplace of Winnie-the-Pooh. Not Winnie-the-Pooh the character, but the black bear that eventually ended up in the London Zoo and inspired A. A. Milne’s character. Basically a Canadian Army Vet bought a bear from a trapper for $20 and traveled to England with the regiment, becoming a sort of pet for the barracks. When his owner was shipped off to France in WWI, he was donated to the London Zoo, where he was a quick favourite of zoo-goers.  The White River website has a nice little summation of the story. My favourite part is the zoo letting kids ride Winnie – like that could ever even come close to happening nowadays! Yikes!

I wish I had more observations. Lake Superior is lovely, as expected. There have been some more hills than we expected.  We have designed the trip well, I think, and aren’t burnt out of driving yet. The slower pace was definitely wise, even if it means we are stuck in desolation-Ontario for a little longer!



Any thoughts?

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