White River to Thunder Bay

I’m in a bit better of a mood today. We’re in Thunder Bay at a Travelodge. There’s something comforting about being back in a chain hotel. Even if we did end up in the pool-less Thunder Bay Travelodge.

It was beautiful sunny weather again today. I am going to miss that. It really hit today that this trip would be much more enjoyable a month from now, when the parks and attractions are all open. Yesterday we went through Lake Superior Provincial Park, which was closed. Today, we drove past an amethyst mine – you can dig for your own amethysts! Also closed. Tomorrow, Sleeping Giant, also closed. It would also be more in bloom, and more picnic and camping weather, thus cheaper to travel. But not much could be done about our choice of travel dates.

Tomorrow we leave Ontario and cross into Manitoba. We hope to stay at a nice resort on Falcon Lake, home to this kitschy CBC program. We also hope to get there enough before sundown that we can get a stroll in with the Dahg. He has gotten a little antsy after so much car time!


Any thoughts?

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