Thunder Bay to Falcon Beach to Brandon

We have finally escaped Ontario for the Prairies! Yay? We were remembering today how the Prairies can make you go a little insane after awhile – we decided to call it “Prairie Fever”. Luckily, we have the Rockies to look forward to at the end of it.

We left Thunder Bay yesterday morning after making a hasty reservation at the Falcon Lake resort. It was our second choice in places to stay. Our first choice was the quaint recreation area that only took last minute reservations for 1-night stays. Instead, we picked Falcon Lake because it was the only thing within an hour, and we were already in for 6-Google-hours. In the effort to not burn ourselves out, we chose proximity over quality.

So began the accomodation flashback. I have not stayed in a place that felt more like the Totem Park dorms since I lived in the Totem Park dorms. Complete with cinder block halls, white and forest green paint, a night manager, a cafeteria, and several vending machines, Falcon Lake resort felt like the place kids from University of Manitoba would come for a weekend in the snow. It’s what I imagine the AMS Whistler Lodge is like, minus the Whistler. Not exactly top-notch, but perfectly safe and amusing.

The manager was this chatty little Indian guy who told us all about the troubles of the resort. Apparently his brother purchased the property, but the old owner was shady and promised certain things in the contract he did not live up to. Specifically, he allegedly failed to replace a leaky roof and made off with the property’s hot tub. This last feat seems most impressive, and was also most disappointing. Luckily, there was still a (freezing cold) pool and (slow-to-warm) sauna. There was a pretty awesome waterslide, but one turn was enough with the pool temperature and sauna malfunction. It was a weird but memorable place!

Today we took off for Brandon, MB. I’m actually pretty impressed with Brandon. It’s quaint, new, and appears to be on an upswing economically. We had a nice steak dinner at Montana’s, which was really accommodating to my gluten allergy. I tend to stick my nose up and big steakhouse all-you-can-eat type chains, but I can’t be upset when a kitchen is caring and accommodating. Also, more importantly, the food left me feeling full but not sick, which for me is usually the sign of decent ingredients and good cooking processes. It was also my first steak in years. So a surprise kudos to Montana’s.

We hit some good winds on the drive today, and expect some more tomorrow on our way to Regina. The distance home gets shorter and shorter, and I am getting more and more anxious too see me some mountains! Luckily, most of the rest of the trip we have friends to visit and stay will along the way!


One Comment to “Thunder Bay to Falcon Beach to Brandon”

  1. now I’m hungry! Sounds like you are driving carefully.Say hello to the Crowe’s from me! See you soon!

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