Brandon to Regina

I am in the most delightful food coma! We’re settling into bed after an amazing dinner with the C family. We stayed with the C’s on the way to Montreal, and are so lucky they had us back.

We left Brandon this morning with ice cold Prairie winds barreling into the side of our trailer. The wind out here is really putting a dent into our gas budget. Before we hit the Prairies, we were averaging about 7 km per litre (16 mpg) – bad, but expected considering how much weight we’re towing. With the winds cutting crossways against us, we are averaging 4 km per litre (9.5 mpg). Yikes. I feel less bad when I remind myself that we’re still getting better mileage than a Hummer!

Our times, however, have been decent, or at least predictable. We got to Regina about 2.5 hours earlier than planned today. We decided to kill some time and stretch our legs walking around Wascana Park. It was bright and sunny out, though chilly, and the Canadian geese have just settled in for the season. The Dahg was very pleased to have a good hour-long walk. Wascana was a beautifully situated park with a pleasant view of the cityscape and the Capitol building.


We then showed up at the C’s home ready for a feast. Mr. C had cooked up a delicious ham (and gave me a tip I will definitely try when I get charge of a kitchen), and Mrs. C had made a cake for her daughter’s birthday. J is vegan, so that was enough of a challenge, but she also made it gluten free so I could enjoy it. It was such a treat – moist with really good chocolate flavor. Perhaps one of the blessings-in-disguise with gluten free eating is things like baked goods are such a rarity that you really savor and appreciate them when you get them!

Tomorrow we have a long drive to Lethbridge. Roads all appear to be clear and open, so we are on schedule to arrive in BC (Golden specifically) just in time for the first Canucks-Kings playoff game! Could not be better timed!


2 Comments to “Brandon to Regina”

  1. drive by an area in the address range of 1234 5th Ave South…take a few photos…papa’s mom and dad lived in a little house there but Marty said it is gone..two houses are in it’s place.

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