Regina to Lethbridge

Prairie Fever hit me pretty heavy yesterday. We left Regina at 9:00 and didn’t arrive in Lethbridge until just after 5:00. A full 8 hours on the road only stopping for quick gas/pee breaks.

The Prairies are a vortex of rolling hills, grain silos, wheat, small ponds, and cows. For a city person, it is actually visually disorienting. I’m used to orienting myself by vertical things: buildings, houses, mountains, bridges, etc. To be then stuck in a place where everything is horizontal it physically jarring. Your vision actually starts to feel askew. Time passes slowly and seems to repeat. I’m not sorry it’s over, but it is an interesting phenomenon.

We stayed with our friend CG in Lethbridge. She had some steaks and rice ready to be prepared for dinner, and her roommate had a pair of dogs for The Dahg to play with. The three of them had a good time ripping around the backyard together. It’s always fun to watch dog-play go from the initial chase game to a more pouncy wrestlefest as the dogs get more comfortable with each other. The Dahg is happily passed out in the backseat, so we know he had a good time.

We’re on our way to Calgary now. Staying with some more family friends, and having the privilege of a dinner with a brand new baby! We just got our first glimpse of the Rockies way off in the distance. It feels like a relief to have them in sight!


2 Comments to “Regina to Lethbridge”

  1. Yay! Hurry up and get back here!!!!


  2. what’s the next stop after Calgary? You’ll be here Thursday or Friday?

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